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Congratulations! You’ve just gone through a successful hair-removal body waxing procedure. Now, what do you do?

Treatment aftercare is one of the most critical parts of any esthetic procedure. What you do post-treatment affects the session’s results, for better or worse. To help you get the most out of a body waxing session, here are what you should and shouldn’t do when you step out of the medical spa.

What to Do After Body Waxing

Here are the action steps you should take to enhance the effects of body waxing.

Apply Post-Depilatory Cream

The best post-waxing care advice is to use post-depilatory creams. Post-depilatories serve several purposes, including removing waxy buildup, relaxing the skin, and preventing inflammatory lesions and ingrown hairs.

Additionally, it noticeably slows down hair growth, allowing for longer intervals between waxing appointments. Remember that your skin must return to its initial condition, so why not assist it with a product like this post-depilatory acid cream that restores its ideal pH. After waxing, it brightens the skin and has soothing and hydrating qualities.

Apply Cold Compresses

Cold compresses are excellent for minimizing the appearance of bumps, irritation, or inflammation and soothing skin redness. A massage with an ice cube on the waxed skin is another option. If you find the discomfort intolerable, let the ice cube melt on a sponge puff before applying pressure to your skin with it.

Cool Gels Help

Freshly waxed skin can also benefit from the cooling effects of gels made with relaxing natural components like tea tree oil or aloe vera. After your appointment, you can continue to apply them frequently for a few days to rehydrate and shield the area.

Wear Cool and Loose Clothing with Natural Fabrics

Wear loose garments right away after your waxing appointment. Wear a clean set of comfortable underwear if you just got a bikini or Brazilian. Doing so prevents sweating and rubbing, which could raise the possibility of irritation or infection.

In a similar vein, choosing natural fibers like cotton over synthetic ones like spandex or polyester, which prevent adequate skin ventilation, would be considerably kinder on the skin.

Exfoliation and Moisturization are Your Friends

After waxing, two to three days are ideal for exfoliation. Your skin will have healed, and your pores will have closed. After your waxing appointment, moisturize immediately to avoid blocking your pores and exposing your skin to chemicals and odors.

Use Hydrocortisone or Antiseptic Creams

Under the direction of a professional, you can prevent inflammation, itching, irritation, and rashes by using hydrocortisone or antiseptic lotions. 

Topical hydrocortisone is used to treat discomfort brought on by skin disorders such as swelling, itching, and redness. Both OTC and prescription versions of this medication are offered to you.

Antiseptics are compounds that assist prevent infection by halting or slowing the growth of dangerous germs.

Use Only the Highest-Quality Products

Your skin is what you’re dealing with; it is the largest organ in the body. Do not take a chance on it; it deserves top-notch care! Use only goods of the highest caliber prescribed or suggested by a professional.

What to Do After Body Waxing

Here are the things you should avoid after body waxing.

Avoid Touching Waxed Body Areas

The skin’s natural oils can block pores, and the germs that live there might make you more susceptible to infection. To prevent bumps or other adverse reactions, resist the urge to scratch or touch waxed areas.

Refrain from Using Oily or Drying Skin Products

Newly waxed skin is more sensitive and can’t deal with dehydration. Oily and drying skin products will not do your skin any good after body waxing.

The products you should avoid include rich body butter, body washes with strong scents or colors, sprays, lotions, and deodorants. Vaseline and oily products might clog your open pores and result in pimples, while scents or colorants can raise your risk of irritation on delicate, recently waxed skin.

Never Pick on Ingrown Hairs

If you experience ingrown hairs after waxing, you should wait 48 hours before gently exfoliating the waxed region and concentrating on the ingrown hairs. You can then use an antiseptic cream. Try an ingrown hair lotion if exfoliation does not successfully remove the ingrown hair.

Limit Sun Exposure

If you don’t want to risk burns and scarring, wait at least 48 hours before going outside in the sun. Since freshly waxed skin has had its outer protective layer peeled, it is susceptible and may be more vulnerable to sun damage than usual. 

If you go out into the sun without wearing any protection, your skin may also get hyperpigmented in the waxed region. Sun exposure brings us to a very friendly reminder: always wear sunscreen. If you plan to spend any time outdoors after waxing, use a light one.

Say No to Swimming

After waxing, wait at least 48 hours before swimming in a pool or beach. Your skin could become more sensitive to salt water, resulting in pimples on recently waxed skin. Aside from the fact that swimming pools can harbor bacteria that could cause an infection, the chlorine in pool water can be harsh on the skin that is already sensitive.

Extreme Physical Activity is Not Good

Skipping all activity after getting waxed may appear harsh, but this is merely a preventative step. Why take the chance with your sensitive skin when sweat (and the microorganisms that can flourish on damp skin) and friction could harm it more than help? If you do exercise, keep it brief. After waxing intimate areas, refrain from having sex for at least 48 hours.

No Chemical Peels

Skin cells on the skin’s surface have already been removed by waxing. Chemical peeling would merely remove those layers more thoroughly, over-sensitizing the skin and raising the possibility of infection, itchiness, or other skin-damaging conditions. Wait until your skin has fully normalized, which should take between 36 and 72 hours.

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