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Are you experiencing stubborn fat around the face and neck? Skin laxity as you have
gotten older? Are surgical methods not the option for you? Well, meet Morpheus8,
Inmodes newest technology, to address all of your concerns.
What Is the InMode Morpheus8?
The InMode Morpheus8 is an FDA-cleared minimally invasive treatment option to
contour the face for a softer appearance. This subdermal adipose remodeling device
uses thermal heat to remodel and contour tissues at a deeper level by penetrating the
skin and fat. This is an effective treatment for most skin tones and types.

What Could I Expect from a Procedure?

Treatments with the InMode Morpheus8 are performed after applying a topical anesthetic. Pronox is available to patients to help alleviate pain and anxiety as an optional treatment. The device is applied to the treatment area during a treatment session to deliver a stamp to the skin. The unique technology of this device allows consistent heat delivery. This ensures uniform treatment experiences and uniform results. The results will vary for each patient, and it is important to have realistic expectations for treatment. However, most people begin to enjoy results within 3-6 months after treatment and will continue to see gradual improvement.

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