Hydrafacial: Four Steps to Glowing Skin

Hydrafacial Four Steps to Glowing Skin

Four simple steps – that’s all it takes to get your skin glowing and looking its best. With Hydrafacial, you don’t have to jump through countless hoops over a long period to restore your skin’s youthful glow. This post will take you through the four steps that Hydrafacial has. What Happens During a Hydrafacial Session? […]

Can Sun Damage Appear to Be Yellow?

Can Sun Damage Appear to Be Yellow

Long-term and repetitive exposure to sunshine, especially UV radiation, can result in sun damage, a phrase used to describe various skin-related cosmetic and medical issues. Sun damage, which can cause wrinkles, rough skin, age spots, and sun spots, most frequently affects the face, hands, and arms. Any part of the skin may get sun damaged […]

4 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Custom Facial

4 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Custom Facial

Facials can be anything you want – the possibilities are endless! They are highly customizable. However, not every medspa or medical esthetician offers custom facials. This post will give four reasons to consider Radiant Esthetics Medspa’s custom facials. What are Custom Facials? The Radiant Esthetics Medspa Custom Facial gives you a radiant complexion upon request. Our naturally […]

Does Laser Pigmentation Removal Work?

Laser Pigmentation Removal by Radiant Esthetics in Newport, RI

Laser technology in medical esthetics is not exactly new. And yet, the ins and outs of its functions are not entirely understood by most of the population. For example, most people do not know how laser pigmentation removal works, its effects, how the procedure goes, and other details on the treatment. What is Laser Pigmentation […]

Do You Still Need to Wear Sunscreen in Winter?

Do You Still Need to Wear Sunscreen in Winter - Radiant Esthetics in Newport, RI

Radiant Esthetics is a strong advocate of impeccable skincare. And one of our favorite pieces of advice we give to our customers is: Always wear sunscreen. Sunscreen protects you from sun damage to the skin, so it is only fitting always to wear it. However, during the winter, is it still advisable to wear sunscreen? […]

What Do I Do After I Wax?

Young men showing his body after waxing - Radiant Esthetics in Newport, RI

Congratulations! You’ve just gone through a successful hair-removal body waxing procedure. Now, what do you do? Treatment aftercare is one of the most critical parts of any esthetic procedure. What you do post-treatment affects the session’s results, for better or worse. To help you get the most out of a body waxing session, here are […]